Short Powerline Services provides high quality, environmentally sensitive, and safe electrical power for all customers.
Short Powerline Services provides high quality, environmentally sensitive, and safe electrical power for all customers.


Short Powerline Service (SPS) is a full-service electrical solutions provider. We offer comprehensive electrical solutions, including ROW survey, systems commissioning, and more. Our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies, such as UAVs, enables us to provide efficient surveying, inspections, mapping, and more. With over 100-man years of combined experience, our licensed and industry-trained electrical staff can manage projects from design to construction and commissioning.


Project Scheduling

At Short Powerline Service, LLC, we prioritize scheduling management and are proactive in identifying potential delays to take corrective action. Effective project scheduling is crucial for project success, achieved by setting realistic time frames, assigning resources appropriately, and managing quality to reduce errors.

Contractors often fail to identify schedule problems in time, causing project delays. At Short Powerline Service, LLC, we use protocols to identify issues early and plan for schedule recovery. Regardless of project size, our schedules outline when each activity should be completed, what is already done, and the sequence of tasks.
Risk management is crucial in project scheduling to identify potential hazards to team members and property. At Short Powerline Service, LLC, we prioritize safety by conducting daily Job Safety Analysis forms for all onsite workers and weekly safety meetings for contractors to ensure compliance with safety expectations and maintain a safe and efficient work environment.
NO MATTER HOW LARGE OR SMALL THE PROJECT, efficient scheduling is critical for project success. It involves managing staff, materials, equipment needs, inspections, and time estimates, which requires a deep understanding on the part of the scheduler.

Proposed Value Engineering Approach

Our office utilizes two value engineering programs. The first is value engineering studies in the early stages of design development, and the second is value engineering proposals initiated by the contractor after project approval.
In addition, we operate with a Kaizen mindset of continuous improvement and professional efficiency, which is the fundamental value of value engineering. This means that we have been and will continue to look for ways to enhance project performance and reduce costs at every step of the project.
To accomplish this, Short Powerline Service, LLC is actively extending special pricing agreements (SPAs) with key suppliers to reduce materials costs and facilitate favorable lead times based on project scheduling. Our Project Procurement and Materials Manager is spearheading this effort, working directly with manufacturers to ensure that distributors honor the agreed-upon pricing.
Short Powerline Service employs two master electricians, allowing us to source the best possible materials from an electrical standpoint and utilize existing SPAs. Our master electricians also collaborate with project owners and designers to identify opportunities for cost reduction and equipment optimization while maintaining the desired essence of the project.
Collaborating with the design team to leverage cost reduction opportunities and maximize efficiencies will yield a final deliverable that is both timely and cost-effective.

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