About Us
Short Powerline Service (SPS) is a full-service electrical solutions provider.

Our Vision

Carved out of the rich minerals Wyoming is built on, and with a vision as clear as the open sky’s surrounding us, Short Powerline Services is a progressive employer and influential construction partner with utilities, coal, oil, gas, wind and uranium that sets the benchmark in providing high quality, environmentally sensitive, and safe electrical power for all customers.

Short Powerline Service Intro

Short Powerline Service, LLC is a Glenrock based company that has grown and evolved from the ground up.

Originally Short Powerline Service’s doors opened in 1986. Regardless of the job tasks that SPS has explored, we have always excelled in providing the finest electrical power for all customers.

Today, SPS continues to be a family owned, family of companies sharing a mutual vision: To help improve the lives and economic prosperity of people throughout the United States with safety oriented, cost effective, quality service in our fields of endeavor.

Short Powerline Service (SPS) is a full-service electrical solutions provider. Our capabilities allow us to help with all facets of an EDS undertaking from ROW survey, to systems commissioning and more. Our enduring commitment to integrating technologies into our service offerings affords us the opportunity to utilize UAVs for surveying, inspections, mapping and more. Our licensed and industry trained electrical staff have a cumulative experience of more than 100-man years, we can engage projects from design thruconstruction to commissioning.

Our commitment is to:


Our team will make every worksite safe throughout the duration of construction for public, workers, and clients.

We complete JSA's daily and send a copy to our clients to ensure a safe work environment. Onsite meetings involve all team members to identify project hazards.

Exceed safety planning regulations and stay proactive in adapting to safety compliance changes.

All employees, regardless of level, have safety guidelines and responsibilities that are integrated into work processes and procedures.

Weekly company-wide meetings to provide updated training on changing processes. Each month, every TDS construction employee participates in at least 5 hours of safety training.


We pride ourselves on honesty and showing consistent product outcomes.

Uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

Our prices are fair and in many cases we beat other.

When our team misses, we own it and make it right, NO EXCUSES!.


From construction to maintenance, consistent performance is important for our clients and important to our company.

If a client is in need, we find a way to make it happen.

With a strong management team in place, we can keep schedules with teams to complete projects with minimal shifting dates.


Our goal, ultimately in construction, is to effectively and efficiently manage and deliver quality products to our customer.

If someone is having an emergency, our team has staff on callto respond in a timely manor.

Our highly trained team will show up and leave without leaving issues and a mess for our clients to deal with.

On major projects we conduct weekly meeting with our team and share these meetings with our clients to keep them informed.

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